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About LRS

RapidRoof is a unique, high performance, rapid curing, cold liquid applied range of waterproofing systems. With a typical cure time of 20 minutes the RapidRoof range of products are suitable for year-round application. Applied by brush or roller RapidRoof is one of the fastest and most cost-effective waterproofing options for both industrial and residential project

RapidRoof Range

RapidRoof is a highly versatile The RapidRoof range which includes RapidRoof, RapidDeck and RapidGutter is designed to provide long lasting, tough, protective waterproofing and anti-skid coatings. The unique formulation means that unlike most other systems, RapidRoof can be applied directly to most surfaces without the requirement for primer including OSB3*, old felt, asphalt, metal, GRP, (concrete, masonry and asbestos with primer).

Cures down to 0°C

Fully Flexible



Fully Bonded

10 & 20 year Guarantees

Features & Benefits



Cost Effective Against

Other Systems

Up to 25 Year

Guarantees Available

Approved Contractor

Training Available

Can Over Coat

Almost Any Surface

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